Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Thank You

I know it is dangerous to single some people out for thanks and not others because I may end up missing out on thanking a crucial person, but I have another group of internet supporters I need to thank today - this time it is my Kidney Mum Friends.  While my CP Mum Friends 'get it' when it comes to disability, these mums get it when it comes to kidneys!

Thank you all for your generous gift!

Thank you also to all the people at church who keep turning up with meals (yesterdays was a lamb roast) or to mow lawns or fold laundry.  I don't even really know many of you that well yet so thank you so much for your support.  And thank you particularly to those who have visited - particularly on some of the darker days - it is hard to convey how much a visit like that means given the circumstances.

To everyone who has offered support and help that I haven't gotten back to - it's not because I am ignoring you - it's just that I am really only planning a couple of days in advance at the moment so it ends up being quite random who ends up helping.  Whoever happens to be around right when I need help usually ends up getting the job!

THANK YOU ALL.  There is really no way we could get through something like this without your help.

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Simone said...

Yay helpers and presents, you deserve it xo