Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playing God

In the past I have written about doctors who 'play God' by determining who can and can't get kidney transplants - or other medical treatment.

What if it isn't the doctors that are 'playing God' though?  What if it is us?

Has 'all this' happened because we have intervened and 'played God' too many times???

Did we play God way back in the beginning by using IVF to have our children?  Should we have accepted childlessness as 'God's plan for us'?

Did we play God by telling the doctors we wanted Ashlea to be resuscitated at birth?  Should we have 'let nature take it's course?'

Did we play God by insisting that Ashlea have a kidney transplant?  Should we have opted for dialysis?  Should we have opted for no treatment at all?

How much has our interfering lead to this point?

We have intervened so many times.  As well as what I've already mentioned both Ashlea and Murray have been 'brought back from the brink' by teams of doctors - a good thing - but definitely more interference.

Have we interfered too much?

This post may sound a tad crazy, but given the circumstances I think I'm allowed a few crazy musings.

I know that God is the one who is really in control of all things - but I still can't help wonder how much (if at all) our interfering to ensure that we got what we wanted - children - live ones - with working kidneys - has helped lead to this point.

Has our interfering lead to this?

Are we partly to blame?


Tasmanian said...

Praise God that we live in a country where He has enabled doctors to have the skills to give our children such medical intervention, and given us the resources to make use of these opportunities.

Ros said...

I totally agree with the comment by "Tasmanian"

Anonymous said...

Big questions Alison. Did I intervene in God's plan for me to die of botulism next weeek by washing my hands today? Maybe when I was a teenager and had epilepsy (the reason this post will be anonymous) I intervened by taking medication, perhaps I was supposed to die. Perhaps I intervened in God's plan for me to be childless by having sex. Who knows? We have free will, and we use it. God's plans are his plans, and they are bigger that us. Our free will and "intervention" is not just over those big things (like whether or not we use what might look like artificial contemporary medicine which saves lives that might otherwise not have been saved) but over those multitudinous sliding door moments that shape our lives. All we can do is aim for godliness and stay prayerful and try to make wise decisions.

ferfischer said...

Hmmm. I don't know. You know our story, too. But I wonder as well - are some things just meant/or not to be? What I do know is how we are shaped by what we do or don't do, and sometimes that works out too.

Deb L said...

The thing is, all those times you were "playing God", you weren't. He still was. Always. It's his shoulders that are big enough to carry all this responsibility. He is ultimately responsible for balancing the books when it comes to grace, suffering and mercy. You make decisions. They have consequences. But even if you had decided NOT to resusitate, that still would have been "playing God". If it had been his plan for Murray or Ashlea or you or anyone else to go before now, do you think your decisions would have over-ruled that? And if you made the wrong decision but he still wanted Murray or Ashlea or anyone else around, do you think your decision could have over-ruled him? You make decisions but he rules.

Fiona said...

We have an awesome God. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without him knowing it. Modern medicine might be amazing, but I'm sure it's God who decides who lives and who dies, when and how. Yes, you are involved in making decisions, but God is in control. You are not to blame any more than you can take credit, I guess.

Anonymous said...

God gave is the ability to make decisions. He knows our hearts and decisions and he allows us to feel like we are in control but God is always in control. You are an amazing women whom has always made the correct choices. Trust in what you know to be true and not what you heart thinks. Maybe this is the devil trying to make you question your decisions.

Anonymous said...

God promises to be. with. us. along life's journey whatever that is, wherever it takes us.I agree, He is in control, His love for us is GREAT, and it's just as well we don't know the details of His plans, just that He holds us in His Loving Hands.

Be strong and step at a time. Lift your foot and He will provide the sure foundation to step on.

love and prayers

Julie and Jayden's Adventures said...

What wise council from your friends. Hear, hear! to all of the above.

Felicity said...

Alison, you have such wise friends. I thoroughly agree with Deb L and Fiona and am moved by their comments. My two little ones are IVF and you know first hand what my work in NICU entails but I have always felt, no matter what we do, God is always in control. He gives medical teams the gifts to do what they do, he gives us the freedom to make decisions and live with those outcomes, but He will always be the Sovereign Lord who is in control of all things. There is only one God and no-one can "play Him". He ultimately decides who lives life and who leaves life and when. Keep looking to Him for guidance and I will pray for His peace on your heart through moments of uncertainty. Xo