Monday, April 9, 2012

Seems so long ago

Now that Ashlea and I are home from hospital I am able to update you from my regular computer.  When I turned it on today I opened Lightroom and by default it opened to the last picture I had looked at.

It was this picture of Murray with Emma and Audrey:

I forgot that I had taken these shots.  I often take photos before major events like surgery 'just in case something bad happens'.  I am always on my guard 'in case something bad happens' to Ashlea.  I never expected it to happen to Murray.

I feel like I have been deliberately vague in my posts about Murray and his recovery.  Partly to protect his privacy but partly also because it is so hard to believe it is really happening.

When Murray aspirated into his lungs he suffered a period of hypoxia (lack of oxygen).  That is why his kidney isn't working.  The doctors are hopeful that in a couple of weeks the kidney will kick in and start working on its own.

His brain also suffered during the hypoxic episode.  As far as I can tell the main effect appears at this stage to have been to his short term memory.  The doctors say it can take 6 months for the brain to recover - which means it will be 6 months until we know if he has made / is able to make a full recovery.  Every day he makes small steps forward which is always encouraging, but it is going to be a long slow road back.

I also found this shot of him and Ashlea:

It was such a shock to see these images appear on my screen.  It seems like a life time ago.

I wonder if it will be that same Murray that comes home from hospital?


Simone said...

Alison thanks for sharing with us, I hope in time this will all seem like a life time ago and your fam are happy doing your "normal" thing and are happy.

How strange to bring Ashlea home and have Murray so unwell, I'm sure that not once entered your mind!

We are all thinking of you everyday xo

Anonymous said...

Alison, thank you for posting this; I admit I had "joined the dots" but appreciate the confirmation. We pray for you all daily and hope for full and rapid healing for Murray! Love Margaret & Byron

Shasta said...

Sending love and good wishes to you across the miles. I hope so much that his brain and kidneys make a recovery. I'm not religious, but I read somewhere today someone saying that we are an "Easter people in a Good Friday world." She didn't elaborate but for some reason it stuck with me today. I think it means that we want everything to be awesome right now, but what we don't realize is that Jesus had to die in order to be resurrected — you have to have the ashes before rebirth.
I hope that helps you in some small way.

ferfischer said...

I am thinking of you always! You know I know the fears you must have, these are very scary things.

Deb L said...

The way this has all worked out for Murray is heartbreaking. Praying for a better day to come and for strength for you for all that you are carrying on your shoulders right now.

Missy said...

I don't think we ever thought anything would ever happen to Murray. It is hard not to be scared or frightened about what has happened, especially when you have already walked the path you have, when you a child with CP. I really hope and pray Murray makes a full recovery x x x I hope 6 months flies by and the man who comes home is the very same who went into the hospital x x

Sarah said...

I hope it will be the same Murray...I think of him everyday and wonder how he is doing especially cognitively.

I hope that even if it takes a little time he will eventually be back to his old self.

Love to you and all the family x