Sunday, April 8, 2012

T +10 She's Home!

This morning as I was packing up our things Ashlea said to me "I think it's time to go home".

Never a truer word spoken!

Within half an hour of being at home she was back in her favourite spot:

This is exactly why we need to be at home.  In hospital she refused to stand up and didn't even like sitting up in her wheelchair.  She would say "I need to lie in my bed" every time we got her up.  Now that she is home she will move around a lot more without realising it - which will be great for her recovery.  It's a good angle for viewing Mummy's hairdressing skills too :)

Please keep praying for her even though she is home from hospital.  Now that we are out in the big wide world she will start to be exposed to things.  She felt a little warm tonight at bedtime so I really hope she isn't brewing something already.  I unpacked our hospital stuff - I have no intention of going back any time soon!

Tomorrow our new routine of daily blood tests will start.  We have to be at pathology by 8:30am. Every day.  I also want to try and visit Murray twice a day like I have been while we were in hospital.  I'm not sure there are going to be enough hours in the day but we will give it a go!


Deb L said...

I am agog, but SO glad to hear, that after only 10 days someone can recovery from such a monumental operation to such a degree that they are home again. That is just such wonderful, wonderful news. We will pray on! For Ashlea and for Murray and for all of you that care for them.

Anonymous said...

Terrific to see her back home!

Anonymous said...

Should have asked - how long are the daily blood tests for?

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

So glad Ashlea is home, and doing what she loves best!

So glad you are home too, eventhough the blood test & twice-daily visits may be a bit punishing...

Any change for Murray today? How is his creatinine?

Sleep well in your own bed - and give yourself a huge pat on the back for making it to this point.

Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow...

Hugs, S xx

Ronda said...

Great work, Ashlea.
Hope Murray is home soon too.

Anonymous said...

Go girl!!
It's amazing to think Ashlea has recovered to this point so quickly. Well done everyone.

We'll keep praying that Murray follows in her footsteps of recovery to home soon.

Sleep well with all your girls,

love and prayers

Gina said...

Wow, a sight for sore eyes. Such fantastic news.
Now to get that boy well enough to join the party. Sending him super healing and health vibes to help him on his way.
Big love to you all - good luck with the visiting logistics - hope you have lots of hands on deck to assist.

Anonymous said...

Ill pray you all keep getting stronger, thoughts are with your family.....and hope Murray gets well soon too X

Julie and Jayden's Adventures said...

Are you able to get pathology to come to you. While Lindsay was very immobile and needing daily tests they were able to organise home visits. (Means being stuck at home until they arrive though.)

Sarah said...

So happy to see Ashlea home and in her fave spot.

Will be great seeing her move around.

Really hope she isn't brewing anything and she has a trouble free recovery from now on x

Casey said...

Look at those little legs standing up strong!! So exciting.

Good luck with the new routine. It sounds punishing.

karina said...

Yeah!! Wonderful news.