Monday, April 9, 2012

T +11 The New Routine

Day 1 of the new routine.  We survived.  I hate to admit it but it is a wee bit exhausting and I'm not quite sure how I'll keep it up.  Driving to and from the hospital 3 times a day might just be the finish of me.

Ashlea's new medication routine alone is something to behold.  It is a little alarming that I have to glove up when handling the drugs and then dispose of the syringes and gloves in the special cytotoxic waste bin - and yet I am allowed to freely give them to my child!

Murray had dialysis today.  His creatinine was similar to yesterday (686 I think) but his urea was high at 42.  He is now no longer requiring oxygen and I think has finished the last of his IV antibiotics which is good - hopefully he can get out of HDU soon and onto the regular ward. Please pray for him as he was feeling quite sick tonight.  For those who know me and my vomit phobia you will not be surprised to hear that I headed for the hills.  Sit by your bed in ICU?  No worries. Hold your hand during dialysis?  Sure, no problem.  Bring out the barf bags though and I'm out the door.  Poor Murray - hopefully with his patchy memory he won't remember that bit.

Please continue to pray for good health for Ashlea.  I am super paranoid that I will transfer hospital germs from Murray to her (he is in a shared room where half the other people are on contact precautions).  Also I can hear one of the other girls coughing at the moment.  Please pray she stays well!

Thanks again for all your help and ongoing support - especially those who are doing the lion's share of the work - Aunty Carolin, Super Neighbour Kate and Grandma spring to mind!  It is really appreciated and there is no way we could get through this without you.


Sarah said...

Hope you all stay well.


Anonymous said...

Still praying xo thanks for your updates that help us pray so specifically. xo Melinda & the Spackman family in Geraldton W.A

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing so deeply Alison, the details help focus our prayers and allow us to try to grasp the journey you are on.

Big hug, love and prayers

Missy said...

Hoping that you all stay well especially Ashlea. It's crazy isn't the drugs you can give but not handle!!!
Don't feel bad, I don't do vomit and I am a nurse so imagine how hard I find that. I don't do any vomit cleaning at home AT ALL!!
I hope Murray is feeling better soon but mostly that those kidneys start working X x

Lacey said...

Sounds like things are getting at least a little better. Your like me, I can do anything, even open wounds, but barf gets me everytime!

Anonymous said...

Oh Alison, the only way I can travel this 'heartfelt' road with you is by prayer to God. You certainly have been through a lot but well done for persevering.

It must seem strange to 'glove up' and then offer the medicine to Ashlea. Hopefully it will all be a help and hopefully her Dad will be better soon.

Your situation reminds me of the hard time the character Job had in the bible. After he stayed faithful through his hard times, God blessed him even more.

Then, after Job had prayed for his three friends, the LORD made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had had before. All Job's brothers and sisters and former friends came to visit with him and feasted with him in his house. They expressed their sympathy and comforted him for all the troubles the LORD had brought on him. Each of them gave some money and a gold ring.
The LORD blessed the last part of Job's life even more than he had blessed the first.
Job 42: 10-12a

And look at the end of the book Alison, Job even lives a long life like how you hope to live a long life too.

Lots of love from Fay.

Marie said...

Thank you for the update. I'm so glad to hear Ashlea is home. I continue to pray for her recovery, for Murray's recovery, and for you and Emma and Audrey as well.

MCBermuda said...

Hi Alison,
We don't know each other personally - I came to hear of your family last weekend via Sheridan. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, Murray, Ashlea and the rest of the family. Nothing I can say will make your day to day life easier, but I do hope that you feel God's love and this gives you comfort and strength. I encourage you to continue to pray big and bold prayers. Eph3:20 promises that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to his power that is at work within us. Love, Michele

FirePhoto23 said...

Thinking about you guys all the time. Glad to hear they are both feeling better.. I also have a vomit phobia. I am so bad. I am glad I am not the only Mommy like that.. Just wash your hands frequently and change your clothes as soon as you get home before you touch anyone. It will cut back on the germs.. Can't wait to hear more good news.