Friday, April 13, 2012

T +15 Rehab...All the cool kids are doing it

Murray has had quite a busy day today with various teams coming to assess him to determine what the plan is now that he is almost medically well enough to be discharged.  At this stage it looks like he will be heading to rehab next week as it would not be safe for him to come home straight from hospital.  He is too unsteady on his feet and would also benefit from some cognitive rehabilitation.  Of course things happening slowly in the hospital system but hopefully we can get him transferred early next week.

He had some visitors come and take over his bed today which made everyone happy:

Ashlea is still going well.  Her creatinine today was 29 and all her other kidney numbers were good.  Her drug levels are constantly being adjusted but that is all normal after a transplant - they need to keep the immune suppression at a certain level to protect her kidney which is why they check her daily with blood tests.

The other big thing on the horizon is that Aunty Carolin is going back to work next week. PANIC!!! How we will cope???  I'm sure I will come up with a plan over the weekend but for now can everyone give Aunty Carolin a big cyberspace pat on the back for taking the last couple of weeks off to look after the house and children - we really couldn't have kept things running smoothly at home for Emma and Audrey without her help!


Sarah said...

Hope rehab goes well for Murray.

Well done Aunty Carolin!

Missy said...

Hugs to Aunty Carolin..what a wonderful Aunty and sister xxxx

Hope Murray goes well in Rehab and that it is a short stay and that he is home in no time (although having said that-dont rush Rehab. Very important he is safe in his recovery)

Hugs to you, know this wasnt in your thoughts or plans or that anything would actually happen to Murray. Praying for his recovery to be a speedy one xxx

Ronda said...

Thanks Aunty Carolin, you have been fantastic!