Saturday, April 14, 2012

T +16 All Quiet

All is quiet today and I have nothing to report to you all, but I thought if I didn't at least tell you everything is quiet you would worry that something bad may have happened!

So - everything is quiet.  Murray's kidney numbers are stable again today otherwise there is nothing to report as weekends in the hospital are incredibly quiet.

Ashlea's creatinine was 27 again today although her tacrolimus (drug) level is a bit high which worries me as I don't really understand what it all means yet.  It seems that there is a fine line between 'just enough' tacrolimus and it becoming toxic.  My kidney friends may be able to elaborate!  This is why we have to go for daily blood tests - to make sure everything is just right.

Hopefully tomorrow's update will be equally as uneventful!

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Sarah said...

Hope they manage to keep it stable and not on the higher side of toxic x