Monday, April 16, 2012

T +18

Ashlea has had another good day.  Her Tac level is back down to 5 today (where it should be) and her creatinine still hovers between 25 and 30.  She is having a big day tomorrow though - bloods and clinic in the morning and then stent removal in the afternoon.  When the surgeons put her new kidney in they also put a stent into the ureter to keep the wee flowing out so it doesn't reflux back into the kidney.  The stent only stays in for a few weeks so it is now time for it to come out - and yes that does mean another general anaesthetic but hopefully just an afternoon in hospital.  Although maybe I should double check that???

Murray's numbers are creeping down ever so slowly.  Today's creatine was 548 and urea 23 - slowly, slowly they are heading in the right direction.  Otherwise not much is happening in the hospital.  I have asked his team to really push for rehab tomorrow and have told them that if there is going to be a delay of a week or two before he can get in then he should come home in the meantime.  It is becoming unhelpful for him to be in hospital where there is no physical or mental stimulation.  The hospital physio has said he is not yet safe to come home from hospital - but sitting around in hospital doing nothing is hardly helping him get back on his feet for coming home!

Besides if he is at home I can boss nurse him back to good health :)


Felicity said...

Glad to hear Ashlea's numbers are good. Will be praying for her big day tomorrow and her little stent removal to go smoothly and uneventfully!
Glad Murray's numbers are heading in the right direction, albeit very slowly. Will pray they speed up... A LOT! Its a shame he can't come home yet. I'm sure it would help his body and soul. Would they let him out on a day pass?

Sarah said...

Hope Ashlea's stent removal goes smoothly and your only in hospital for the arvo.
Hoping Murray becomes stable enough soon to bring home.