Tuesday, April 17, 2012

T +19 Stent Removal

Ashlea had day surgery today to have her 'pig tail stent' removed and to have her eyes examined.  It all went very smoothly - the stent is out and her eyes are about the same as last time they checked them.  The only hiccup was that I forgot to ask for a pre-med for Ashlea - which meant she went to sleep screaming blue murder - and of course woke up the same way.  I can't say that all the steroids in her system helped her to calm down quickly either!  The photo is from just before she woke up and started howling.

On the whole she was very good though.  It was interesting to watch other children in the recovery ward who are obviously not 'frequent flyers' at the hospital - they would have a screaming meltdown over the removal of their IV whereas Ashlea just patiently held her arm out and watched while the nurse removed it. While I am very proud of her I'm also a little sad that she is so experienced at medical procedures.  She knows there is much worse than a blood test or IV.

Murray had a quiet day (I think - I wasn't able to be there for long due to Ashlea's procedure). His kidney function is improved again (creatinine 480 and urea 20) and the rehab bigwig is coming around to see him tomorrow - hopefully she will be able to tell us WHERE he can go for rehab and WHEN.  If it is not going to be in the next couple of days I will try and bust him out of there tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

Praise God they are both still alive and kicking and on the mends =)
Nat C.

Anonymous said...

Another one of the many faces of our adorable Ashlea! I hope she stays well and continues to improve.
Great to see the numbers coming down for Murray. I hope they continue down on their way to 'normal' and that he doesn't lose his place in the queue if he goes home for a bit.
love and prayers


Sarah said...

Glad it went reasonably well.
Very sad when it is part of their lives.
I often get agitated at the hospital with "other" kids crying over even the thought of the canula coming out...harden up already!
Glad to hear Murray's numbers are continuing to drop.

E. said...

Glad Ashlea's op and eye check went well. I hope that you get some more good news for Murray tomorrow.

Missy said...

Glad it was smooth sailing and yes I agree it is a little sad that our children are so used to all things medical.

Glad to hear tha Murray's levels are coming down and hopefully the kidneys are really starting to wake up.

Looking forward to hearing what is going to happen with rehab.

hugs to you all

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be better if Murray was as fit as possible in the 'medical realm' before he embarks on rehab? He might feel more like rehab with cleaner blood and he might do better at it.

If Murray is not yet steady on his feet would he be beter supported with two staff, like physios, helping him to walk than you trying to walk with him at home?

If his environment is really chaotic or mean (which can sadly happen), then it might be best to get him out of there; but if his environment is loving and kind and the staff are doing their best to provide optimal care for everybody, then it might be best for him to stay if they think he should.

Can bed exercises or reading or gadgets or DVDs or visits help ease that time in hospital? (I have read in this blog that he has had lots of visits.)

I do hope he gets better soon! Murray get well please!

Lots of love from Fay.