Sunday, April 1, 2012

T +3 Evening

Today has been much quieter than yesterday.

Murray has remained stable all day - no real changes from this morning.  His lung function is stable and he probably has another day or so on the ventilator before they wean him.  The big concern now is that his kidney function has deteriorated and we have to wait and see if his kidney recovers on its own.  Once his kidney function improves they can start weaning the ventilator.  Is this sounding familiar to anyone who has been following our story from the beginning???

The doctors don't think his kidney function has deteriorated just because he gave one kidney away - it has deteriorated because of the lack of oxygen and low blood pressure when he had the aspiration yesterday morning.  He seems to have swapped kidney function with Ashlea - he now has a creatinnine of 500 and she has one of 28.  He even has the same cause of kidney failure - hypoxia - lack of oxygen / blood to the kidneys.

Ashlea is quite chirpy this evening.  She was very miserable around the middle of the day.  She was in a fair amount of pain and the oral pain meds were causing nausea.  She also had a lot of fluid on board and was struggling to breath, having desats and needing some oxygen.  The doctors restarted her epidural and gave her some more diuretics and now she is much more comfortable.  More than comfortable in fact - she is very chirpy and happily playing on her ipad. 

Thanks again for all your support.  To everyone who is praying and thinking of us, sending us messages, visiting, dropping off meals (and easter eggs) - THANK YOU.  It really means a lot and there is no way we could get through all of this without you!


Rachel Golding said...

Alison, we will continue to pray for you all. Glad that Ashlea is brighter this evening. Praying for another uneventful night, and that you especially might be able to get some rest. Rachel x

Deb L said...

Sounds like you've still got a long road ahead of you but it's so wonderful to hear that Ashlea's perked up and that Murray is stable. Will continue to pray and pray and pray. You can rest and we will pray.

Sarah said...

Glad to hear Murray is somewhat stable and Ashlea has her epidural back.

Hope your managing to get a rest even if only for short amounts of time.

Love and hugs x

Anonymous said...

So glad the day has been stable and quieter. I'm very pleased Ashlea is more comfortable and chirpy...that's the girl we know! We will continue to pray for steady improvements and good kidney functions for all.
Sleep well

Tasmanian said...

Yes we will continue praying for you.

Gina said...

Wonderful to hear Ashlea is doing what she ought to be and much more comfortable.

Slow and steady for Murray with no suprises is what we like to hear. Thinking of you constantly. Big love. G