Monday, April 2, 2012

T +4 Midday

Sorry for not updating earlier - I've heard rumours that some of you are getting twitchy waiting for the latest news!

Ashlea is doing well this morning.  She has had her epidural removed but they gave her an infusion of morphine through it before taking it out (the epidural is an infection risk which is why it can't stay in too long).  The morphine should last 24 hours.  She is quite itchy from it but otherwise seems comfortable.  Her creatinine today is 27 and her urea 5.  We are trying to move onto oral feeds and pain meds so that we can get her central line out tomorrow as that is also an infection risk.  She is very comfortable and chirpy and made all the doctors sing Old MacDonald with her this morning.

Murray has had a stable night.  They are still waiting for his kidney function to improve before they start weaning his ventilation.  His creatinine is 570 and his urea 22 but the kidney is making urine so for the time being they are going to watch and wait and see if the creatinine starts to come down on its own.  They are reluctant to do dialysis as that can make the kidney even more sluggish to start working again.  He is still requiring 40% oxygen and his ventilation pressures and peep are both 10 (I'm only writing this down so I can google what it means at a later date - a much later date).  Murray is having a kidney ultrasound this afternoon otherwise no changes to his care are planned for today.

I got to sit with him for a couple of hours this morning and I asked him to squeeze my hand if he could hear me talking - which he did.  I then asked him to squeeze my hand if he knew it was me - which he also did.   I know we still have a long road ahead but I am more hopeful now that he is 'still in there'.

That's all the news for now - thank you all for your ongoing support - it means a lot.  I have a random request for you all though.  Does anyone know how to break through an iphone  password?  I don't know the password on Murray's phone and there are a couple of people who I need to contact and I can't get their details out of his phone.  Thanks!!


Brie B said...

I have no idea on the phone but the hand-squeezing has me in tears. All our love and strength to you x

Deb L said...

Oh what joy it must have been when he squeezed your hand! That brought tears to my eyes. God willing, all will be well in his time. I am asking God to hold you in his grace ever so tightly at this time.

Naomi said...

glad to hear that you've got some positive signs.
If you can get someone to take the phone and sync it with the computer that Murray normally syncs it with. If they set it to sync contacts, you should be able to get the contacts that way. Otherwise you have to restore the phone to factory settings, which gets rid of the contacts.

Anonymous said...

Also a tech novice. No idea. But I am good at finding people, so if you can tell me who perhaps I can track them down and find numbers for you - ? (contact me on my gmail account, which starts margaret dot stuart).

But otherwise, what Brie said.

Continuing to pray....Margaret

Sandy said...

Thinking of you all every step of the way. Is the phone account in his or your name or do you have authority to the account? I know it's a pain but I think the best bet would be to ring the company eg Telstra and explain the situatuation, am pretty sure they can give you a special code to override it. Will be glued for updates, SandyR xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,
Glad to hear Ashlea is chirpy and Murray is stable. I have tears in my eyes because of Murray squeezing your hand.
Try holding down the Home button on Murray's phone and it should allow you to give a voice command, eg "Call Alison". Just tested this on my iPhone 3 and it works (even without Siri).
Praying hard.
Parnee xx

Sarah said...

No idea on the iphone sorry.

So glad to hear Murray responded squeezing your hand.

Hope his kidney starts to function properly very soon.

Love to you all x

Felicity Alling said...

Ashlea sounds much brighter which is wonderful. I hope they can get on top if her pain and oral feeds soon so she can have her lines out and heal sooner.
It made me cry too to hear about your hand squeezing "conversation" with Murray. I feel for you so much and cannot imagine how you are feeling through all this. I am praying, as are so so many others, that things will improve dramatically and that you'll have all your family together again soon.
As far as the iPhone lock, I'm not sure. Is there a iPhone helpline somewhere that you can ring and explain the situation? Surely there must be a code to override all locks. Sorry, wish I could give you a definitive answer :-(
Lots of love and prayers,

Gina said...

pleased to hear the constant stability of your two precious patients. Pleased to hear Murray responding to your requests - that is huge and hopefully for you a tiny bit of weight lifted from your worries (doesn't help when you know too much in these situations, sometimes ignorance is bliss...) thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.
big love to you all.

rosemary said...

Cried through that one...yes he's still in there...what a huge burden that's been lifted. Wish I could order that kidney to do its thing but am still praying very hard for all of you. Was planning to shop for the girls but have man flu, don't want to send the germs, will wait a couple of days! Love to you all as always, R

Anonymous said...

One website said try pressing the emergency call button (which will bring up the numbers panel), and then double tap the home button. If his phone numbers are assigned to that feature his phone list will come up.

Anonymous said...

Thinking I will ask my 13yo son re the phone. If there is a workaround, a nerdy teenage boy will know it. Margaret

Anonymous said...

First of all, glad that ur hubby & beautiful girl r doing so much better. U all have been in our thoughts.
2nd: my hubby works for apple so have asked him to find out an answer for u. Hopefully sooner than later
Best wishes, Fiona G

Anna said...

No idea on the iphone either. But still praying for you all and thinking of you guys constantly xo

Anonymous said...

Hi, got an answer from hubby at apple-
Turn off ph, hold down home button while connecting to iTunes via comp, unfortunately unless he has sync'd contacts to iTunes, info on ph will be lost but ph will be usable. Apple help ph: 1300 321 456
Try opening iTunes without ph connected to see if contact info is there before doing the above.
Hope it's helpful in some way.
Best wishes, Fiona G

karina said...

My idea for the iPhone password is to use the hand squeezing method with Murray.