Tuesday, April 3, 2012

T +5 Evening

Murray's condition remains unchanged this evening.  He is still sedated and on the ventilator and they commenced dialysis this evening.  His creatinine before dialysis was 660 and his urea 27.  Hopefully there will be some improvement by tomorrow morning.

Ashlea has also had a stable day.  She now has all her lines and attachments removed.  She is struggling to tolerate her feeds though so I would not be surprised if she has acquired a new peripheral IV by morning (for fluids). 

Her pain is more under control today - although as the time gets closer to her being due her next dose of pain relief she gets more and more miserable.  Within about 20-30 minutes of receiving the meds she is much perkier.  MUCH perkier.  Tonight after her dose she was serenading everyone by singing into her syringe microcphone.

Thanks for your continued support - we couldn't do this without it!


Anonymous said...

Praying for all you guys!!! May God answer all our prayers and improve Murray's condition over night and continue to heal Ashlea. Love to you all, Laura and the Hall family xx

Sarah said...

Thinking of you and hope they both have a stable night.
Love seeing Ashlea looking more and more like herself x

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray that Ashlea's recovery continues and that Murray has a miraculous recovery because God can do amazing things. We also pray for you Alison, Audrey and Emma that you will be able to feel God's presence.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Alison.
My heart goes out to you, hang in there, you're an amazing person. May you continue to draw on God's Strength and Great Love through these challenging days.
I'm glad to hear Ashlea and Murray are both stable with some improvements. Love the microphone!
Lots of prayers for improved kidney function for Murray and settled feeds for Ashlea.With much love from your friends at preschool.

Anonymous said...

Loving the resilience of children and their ability to live in the moment - Ashlea with the syringe microphone is just priceless. We continue to pray for you all. Margaret & Byron

Anonymous said...

Your incredible updates help us all know just what to pray for. May you know that SO many of us are praying for you, Ashlea and especially Murray. And I am praying for everyone involved in their medical care. The road to recovery is sounding very bumpy right now but we keep trusting in our gracious and loving God to heal Murray and Ashlea. May He grant you some rest and refreshment and patient hope as you support your precious husband and daughter ( and your other girls ) and hopefully you too are being supported? Wish we lived closer to offer you some help :( Love to each of you from Melinda and the Spackman Family in Geraldton W.A.

The Trousdell Five said...

What a little sweetie she is! Love the picture. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything settles with Ashlea soon. She is a lovely gorgeous girl! It looks like she is doing great creative play.

And brave, hero Murray, I hope the dialysis and his kidney (and everything else) works excellently.

With the decision you were trying to make about whether Emma and Audrey visit their Dad whilst he is intubated in ICU, I also don't think there is a right or wrong decision. A point that hasn't been mentioned yet though is that there may be many adults and children who know your childrens' situation more than they do.

Our family have been praying for your family all along. When you sent Ashlea's photo announcing transplant plans we placed it in the middle ot the dining room table to remember to pray.

Our children also noticed us pressing refresh on the computer.

In the morning I also asked my 9 year old to turn on the computer so we could see how you all were, and I heard, "Favorites, there."
"Did you just add that blog to your list of favorites?"
"How did you know what the address was?"
"I heard you telling Daddy." (My husband had asked me for your blog address and had been checking how Murray was from his work.)

So whilst our family is interstate, I'm guessing that there could be lots of kids who have also been following with their families. In short, the point I am making is that if you told the girls about Murray's situation then they might hear about it from you first. Overall though I still don't think there is a wrong or right decision.

Well marvellous Alison, I certainly hope that God continues to heal your family quickly.

Lots of love from Fay.

Deb L said...

We won't stop praying! Hope today brings some more good news for Murray.

Anna said...

You must be exhausted Alison. I am glad the pain in starting to ease for Ashlea. I hope she starts to take more fluids today. Praying that the dialysis helps Murray. Thinking of you all. You are amazing.