Wednesday, April 4, 2012

T +6 Evening

A good day all round.

Murray is still in ICU on oxygen but he is breathing on his own.  He was having dialysis today (his creatinine had come down to 395 by lunch) but then 'something' clotted and they had to turn the machine off.  If his creatinine is still coming down overnight they will remove the lines and take him off altogether, but if his creatinine goes up they will restart the machine.

Even though Murray is awake and able to talk he is still very groggy from all the sedation.  In spite of all this he has (of course) had something to eat this evening.  Talk about a robust appetite.

Emma and Audrey came and saw him for a quick visit this afternoon which was nice.

Ashlea has had a good day.  We have been able to manage her pain with oral pain medications  and we are trying to push her up to full feeds.  She has had some gagging but on the whole hasn't been too bad.

We got her out of bed today and gave her a bath.  We tried to detangle the hair.  It didn't work.  I haven't yet  chopped it all off but I don't think I will have any other option.

And big thanks to Jenny and family for sending Ashlea this musical card - it kept her entertained all morning. The nurses not so much!


Sarah said...

Wow, that's a lot of tangles!

Come on kidney do your work. So anxious for you, hoping things turn a corner very soon x

Casey said...

Dont you dare chop that hair!!!! Go and buy some of that industrial strength detangler and give it another go another day when there are fewer issues to be dealt with!

I am so relieved that Murray is talking and eating after his incident. I was worried sick. Continued prayer for his kidney.

Im so pleased E and A got to see Dad today.

with love

ferfischer said...

Glad you got it! Cici and my kids love those musical cards, but I want to toss them away sometimes! :)

Anonymous said...

Great news Alison!!
We pray tomorrow has more good news.

A hair detangling tip from getting literal birds nests(cockateils) out of Melinda's hair... spray on lots of leave in conditioning detangler and start combing from the bottom ends of the hair, working your way upwards through the knots. You might need to sing every verse of Old MacDonald you can think of!!

I'm happy to come and sing and comb next week if that helps!


Missy said...

Glad the girls got to see their Daddy today.

Glad he is breathing on his own, even with oxygen...and that his creatine levels are lower than yesterday. I pray his naughty kidney wakes up (as he does) and starts working on its own without the need for dialysis!

I agree,dont you cut that gorgeous hair of Miss Ashlea.

I so wish I could be there for you in person Alison, I am thinking of you all everyday and pray for you everyday also.

hugs to you sss

Lacey said...

Sounds like things are finally calming down a bit! Still praying for Murray's kidney to continue to improve!

emilyrennie said...

Auntie Carolin's American friends here, sending lots of positive thoughts around the world to all of you from California. Glad to hear things continue to improve. [[BIG HUGS!!]]

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well. Could you try hair conditioner (for extra dry hair as a more oily cream) or olive oil on her hair - leave on for a few hours or overnight (put a towel over the pillow) then use a comb with wide teeth to carefully detangle. Also use a satin pillow cover as it helps to prevent hair tangling. I hope she can save her locks!

Marie said...

Oh my sweet Blogging friend....I feel terrible that I've not kept up with checking on your blog. I am definitely in prayer for Murray, Ashlea and all of you!