Thursday, April 5, 2012

T +7 Evening

Today has been a quiet day for both my patients.

Murray is stable and has been moved out of ICU into HDU (High Dependency).  His lungs are recovering but his kidney still needs a bit more time.  He will have dialysis tomorrow - I think today's creatinine was 480.

Ashlea has had a quiet day.  Her creatinine was 26 again this morning and her doctors are very happy with her.  She is almost ready to come home - she just has to tolerate all her feeds and no longer need the good pain drugs.

I'm sorry to tell you all though that I had to chop Ashlea's hair - and before you all get upset with me I had trouble even getting the scissors through it - let  alone a comb!  We tried conditioner, moroccan oil and detangler all applied in a greasy cocktail - to no avail.  This is what I chopped out!  And yes - I have asked a hairdresser friend to come and give her a proper hair cut!!

Thanks for your ongoing support - there is no way we could get through this without it.  Thank you for all the cards, texts, emails, gifts and visits.  A big thank you for all the chocolate - I have it coming out my ears!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,
That's good news all round. Glad to hear Murray is improving, and great that Ashlea will be home soon.

And the hair? Meh - it'll grow!

Margaret (and Byron says hello!)

Sarah said...

No lectures from me about Ashlea's hair, it will grow back.
Hope Ashlea's pain relief lessens so you get to take her home.
Also crossing everything Murray's kidney starts to recover x

Gracie ... is amazing said...

Good to hear that both patients are doing well. Grace and I found HDU had such a different atmosphere to ICU. I believe it is all decked out with rabbit faces for easter. Grace also really enjoyed the nurses there. Sorry to hear about Ashlea loosing some hair but at least it grows back quickly. Will continue to pray that Murrays figures improve. :)

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

I think a new 'do could be just what a girl needs to go with her new kidney! Maybe a nice shaped bob...

How awesome that she is almost ready to be going home. Wow.

Glad too that Murray is well enough to move into HDU, and that he is 'holding his own' in the breathing dept.

Hopefully his kidney will start to recover soon and work on its own again.

Lots of love from the five of us,

Susan & co xxxxx

Deb L said...

It'll grow back! Glad she's doing well. Praying daily for you at the hospital and for Emma and Audrey back home too.

Gail Wheatley said...

Glad to hear both your patients are improving. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Hope the news continues to get better.