Saturday, April 7, 2012

T +9 Update

Today has been a quiet day again for my patients but a busy day for me running up and down the long corridor between the two hospitals.

Murray is a little better again today.  His creatinine is still high (630) but they didn't think dialysis was needed today.  It will be checked again tomorrrow morning. 

Ashlea has had a great day.  She is only 50ml away from being on full feeds and has managed with only paracetamol for pain relief today...which all means....


We are most likely going to come home tomorrow.  The hospital have said we can stay for the weekend if we want seeing as it is easier to visit Murray but Ashlea is at the point where she needs to be at home.  If we stay in hospital there is a good chance she will pick up a bug of some sort and if we are at home Ashlea will naturally be more mobile which will help her recovery.

So the plan is to bust out of here tomorrow morning.  Thank you to everyone who has come to visit us - especially those who have come to visit and then found themselves on Ashlea duty while I have gone to visit Murray.  Thank you to Aunty Carolin for being on Emma and Audrey duty for the last 9 days. 

I'm not sure how much longer Murray will be in hospital.  I was able to spend a fair bit of time with him today which was nice (his ward has very strict visiting hours) although I haven't yet figured out how I am going to juggle visiting him and looking after everyone at home!  I'm sure we'll work it out - most likely with all of your help - so thanks in advance!

* I know - I shouldn't have said it out loud.  Who wants to bet Ashlea will come down with something overnight???


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news for Ashlea, and I am sure she will be happier and more active at home. Hoping Murray continues to improve.

Simone said...

I've been busting for this post! Yay home time no bugs and lets hope patient number two continues improving and will be home soon to! xo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful news!!!
You're about to hit the next stage of the journey which is very positive and exciting. I hope you get a good sleep tonight.

Keep stepping out in faith and God's strength.

love and prayers for everyone

Sarah said...

So happy to hear Ashlea is able to go home. Hope Murray will follow her very soon x

Tasmanian said...

How lovely that Emma and Audrey have a fantastic Aunty Carolin. Thanks Carolin for your love for them at this time!

Deb L said...

What a great Easter Sunday event - Ashlea well enough to head home! Yay! In honour of Ashlea's love of ducks we should all "quack and quack and flap and flap" (hope you know the reference to Alexander the duck or that's just a really weird statement)!