Sunday, May 27, 2012


Oh dear!

Emma and Audrey have both been struck down and are now vomiting.

Aunty Carolin is in the middle of a gastro crisis.  

Talk about going ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty.

How long before Carolin and I succumb do you think???

Did I mention how much I HATE gastro???


Anonymous said...

Keep up the strict handwashing and decontaminating surfaces. Air the place out in the day time if the weather allows. Good luck and take your vitamins.

Missy said...

Oh worst fears for you all. Hope that Aunty Carolin and yourself manage to stay well. Oh no...hate hate hate gastro. NOthing worse than gastro when you have a large just goes on and on and on...with so many people vomiting and pooing...oh dear! Hugs to you all xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Alison, and Carolin! Take deep breaths of fresh air whenever you can.
My heart goes out to you all.

love and prayers

Anna said...

Oh you poor things. We hate gastro in this house too. It is the WORST. Hope that your house is starting to be gastro clear and that you and Carolin don't get it. Thinking of you xo