Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another BIG thank you

The meals, cards, helpers and gifts keep coming - thank you to everyone who has been so generous!

Today I have to give a BIG special thank you to everyone at Murray's work.  They have been very busily selling cupcakes and sausages and holding raffles and have raised $2770 for our family!  That's a lot of sausages!!  Thank you so much.  Your generosity has been amazing.  

Everyone's generosity has been amazing - we are very appreciative - and very aware that there is no way we could have gotten through this without all your help.



Dave M said...

Delighted to have helped Alison. You guys are going through so much. It was enjoyable helping organise the events and seeing the level of support for your family here at work. Hope you guys can have some fun with the donation!

Missy said...

Brilliant. That is fantastic Alison. What a great group of people Murray works with xx