Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ashlea update

Ashlea appears to be feeling much better today.  I'm hoping this isn't too serious a gastro bug and that she will recover quickly.  We had to bring her in yesterday though as her belly was really swollen and hard - to the point where it was making it hard for her to breath (the doctors said she may have been 3rd spacing but I don't really know what that means).  We have given her a break from feeds for 24 hours and she is much improved.  She has been on IV fluids and they have allowed her stomach to drain via her PEG (and yes that is as gross as it sounds - but seeing as she can't physically vomit it's the only way to 'let it all out').  A lucky nurse got to take a culture from her nappy too so we should be able to find out the name of the evil bug that has made her sick!

Now that her gut has had a rest it is much less swollen and she is quite chirpy.  We have just started running some pedialyte at 20ml/hour to see how she tolerates it.  So far so good - if she can tolerate it we will increase her feeds, get the IV out and get out of here (not today but maybe tomorrow).

Her kidney function has remained good throughout - probably because we started on fluids straight away.  Today's creatinine was 33 - can't complain about that!

Ashlea and I are pretty bored in here.  Don't tell Aunty Carolin but while she is running my kids to birthday parties, ironing school uniforms, making lunches and generally preparing for the week ahead, I am sitting here reading a trashy magazine while drinking tea and eating chocolate!! Shhhhh.

Hopefully we'll be able to come home tomorrow.  I can tell Ashlea has had enough as whenever anyone medical comes near her she says "GO AWAY ABOUT ME" in a bossy little voice!

Here she is - yesterday in ED:

Today asleep under the ipad:

Not happy when I removed the ipad:

(Sorry for the blurry phone pics but I was giggling at the ipad marks on her face...).


Gina said...

Ohh, I love "go away about me". What a wonderfully perfect comment. Get better soon Miss A.

Anonymous said...

love it - she is so gorgeous


Lacey said...

She looks absolutely miserable! I hope you are all feeling better soon.
Oh, third spacing is when they leak fluid into their tissues. It makes them puffy, and can cause respiratory distress because it pools in the lungs too.

The Trousdell Five said...

The bottom photo is beyond adorable. So sorry to hear about the gastro. Hope everyone is mending soon and you remain last woman standing!