Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back To School


Ashlea had her first day back at school today!  She is so ready to go back and has been so bored at home - the only thing keeping her away is the risk of infection.  It is not a good time of year to go back with winter coughs and colds approaching - especially since Ashlea has developed the delightful habit of licking (yes licking) the palms of her hands.  It's completely gross and the perfect way to transmit infections - if anyone has any tips on how to stop it I'd be most grateful!  At the moment she is just going to attend one day a week but I am hoping to build that up fairly quickly (mostly because I spent my free time today sitting in the sun reading a book - I need me some more of that before I have to go back to work!!).

I think she had a good day at school.  She did have to receite to herself regularly that 'Mummy is coming back to get you later' and she may have lost it altogether when I picked her up in the afternoon but I think she enjoyed herself while she was there!

Of course I tried to get a photo of all 3 of the girls together - and as usual it quickly descended into farce. 


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Soooo glad you a) had some free time, and b) spent it sitting in the sun and reading a book.

Also glad my three aren't the only trio of girls who refuse to cooperate for a group shot.

Little darlings...

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I love that last shot! I keep thinking that Audrey and Pep would be great together! Hope the days build up quickly back at school and help you process a bit more what has happened especially if it involves lots of chocolate and sunshine x

Casey said...

She looks so well! What about that awful nail stuff designed to stop kids biting their nails? Of course, my kids developed a liking for it!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have been keeping up with your blog and have said many prayers for your family,we have a 6yr old son (Tabor) who is deaf and has very mild cerebral palsy,he was born at 24 weeks and is the most beautiful little boy but he sometimes developers habits, one being hand licking,we waited for school holidays and then put little socks on his hands, we kept them on for about 3 day to brake the habit but it worked. Hope this helps,good luck. Lesley

Anonymous said...

Funny photos kids! Have a nice time at school!
Love from Fay

Anonymous said...

Well done Ashlea and all, getting back to school! What a milestone and some well earned R & R for you Alison. How nice it was sunny for you.
Great classic photos to mark the occassion!
Still praying for you all,

ferfischer said...

Yay for school! I love the last pic of Audrey, by the way!!!!

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

these photos are GREAT! i love the sisters goofin' around. glad she's back to school :)

Melissa Mitchell said...

That last photo is so completely adorable! Look how funny they are!
I'm new here. I've been reading from the day of Transplant, all morning. I can't believe all that happened.

Your strength is amazing. I know that whatever I'm about to read has already happened but I find myself hoping that Murray is ok. I dont' want to race ahead, I want to experience it with you (oh, that sounds morbid and strange. I don't mean it that way).

Anyway. I wanted to say that I think you and your family (and clearly some of the people around you) are amazing and inspiring.