Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Stuff

Random Stuff #1
Is it weird that I run into more people that I know when at the Children's hospital than I do at the local shops?

Random Stuff #2
You've been to pathology too many times when you just KNOW as soon as you see who is on whether you are going to have a good or bad morning (today was not one of the good ones).

Random Stuff #3
The gifts keep turning up at our house!

Thank you to everyone who has dropped off meals and other goodies.  Thank you to today's anonymous gift giver who left two petrol cards in the letter box - they will be used quick smart!

Also big thanks to a new friend Brie who does fabulous work supporting Defence families in Australia.  She sent a pack of her Your Defence materials (among other things) to the girls - even though they are designed with military families in mind they work just as well for prolonged hospitalisations!!  The girls made these letters and we've sent them to Murray - I've included some pictures so you can see how great her stuff is:

Random Stuff #4
Ashlea does not sleep in the day anymore - except for when we walk to school in the wheelchair. There is something about the extremely bumpy ride that jolts her off to sleep.  Surely this can't be comfortable???  And yes - she is sound asleep in this picture!


Gina said...

other than crap needle stick guy/girl & unusually large social network at the hosp, you've got some good random stuff going on there!
Hugs. Yay on the gifts, absolutely deserved.

Missy said...

hahahha...love that she can fall asleep in that position! She is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I love the idea of sharing the girls day on paper to give to Murray! Just beautiful x i think of you all everyday and i adore the pic of Ashlea sleeping in her chair! :)

T said...

The letters are fantastic, I am sure Murray will love them! :)

And Ashlea...You are just too funny!

Suzi said...

Aw that pic of Ashlea is priceless! That defence pack is a really nice idea, I bet Murry loves it :)
Take care