Tuesday, May 8, 2012

True Confessions Tuesday

No Easter Egg confessions this time - this week it is a REAL confession (although for those who were wondeirng what the final tally ended up being I stopped counting the bags of eggs once I reached double figures).

Today's true confession is much worse.


When Murray was in ICU they had to cut it off as his fingers were swollen.  At the time Murray's sister texted me to say she was taking it home - which made me absolutely  LOSE IT.  I had a total meltdown about how no one but ME should have the ring and I made a big scene and made sure I got the ring back.  It was  not one of my most rational moments but for some reason the idea of anyone else having his wedding ring sent me a little crazy at the time.

Once I had the ring safely in my possession it was taken home and put in a safe place.  I can even remember having a conversation with my sister about the location of the safe place.

Do you think that either of us can remember where that is now?

Murray keeps asking where the ring is and I keep having to confess to him that even though he is the one in rehab with short term memory problems I am the one who can't remember where the ring is!


Deb L said...

Oh no! :) It'll turn up.... sometime down the track... But doesn't that kind of thing just drive you crazy?

And, for what it's worth, I can understand the big deal it would have been for you to be the one to have the ring. In that situation, it's not all that irrational. And anyway, you were totally entitled to some irrationality - those were pretty heavy days to endure.

Still praying. Every day. Hang in there.

Kellie said...

I once put my mum's christmas present in a 'safe place'. It was an intricate pair of ceramic dolls shoes that I knew she would LOVE. Year 2006.

This year (2012), my Mum walked into my apartment carrying the long lost pair of shoes. My aunty found them in a hidden drawer, in a cabinet of mine that was being stored in her garage.

I had always wondered what happened to that present, and was blown away that the intended recipient returned them to me.

Alison, totally understandable why you would want that ring - nothing irrational about it. I am sure it will turn up in due course, and you will be thrilled to bits when it does.


Missy said...

Yes, a little ironic in regards to memory!

Hope you can both remember where you put it soon. Hugs to you as I am sure you have sooooo much on your mind that the ability to recall where you put the ring is probably way back in the abyss of your mind.

thinking of you as always,

Gracie ... is amazing said...

I cannot tell you where the lost ring is... But I do know that the Lord knows where it is! All we need to o is get Him to tell you where it is. Ill be praying for you. These things do drive us nuts :D

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I would employ the girls to search for it! Offer a new ipad app, a duck, wii games or chocolate as the reward! ;) hope you find it!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Where are Murray's wallet & keys? Could the ring be with them...? Your passports??

Really hope you have your lightbulb moment re that soon... you have enough (other) things to lose sleep over!

I'm absolutely sure it'll turn up - it is in a safe place, after all... :-D

Anonymous said...

At least you haven't actually lost it - it's in a safe place! So If Murray asks again, you can tell him it's in a safe place.I'm sure you will find it when you least expect it, and it will be a lovely surprise!
Am thinking of you always. I log on every day to see how you are going.

Anonymous said...

This is a really old post -- hopefully you've found it by now! This is not foolproof but has been my best method: pretend you have the ring. Go hide it again. I find "thinking like myself" has revealed a lot of strange things!