Tuesday, May 29, 2012

(Wo)man Down!

Aunty Carolin has the bug!

Ashlea is still in hospital but seeing as we are managing her with oral feeds (her IV blew - that always happens - it usually gives out about a day before we need it to) I am going to take her home straight after bloods today.  I think the doctor would prefer Ashlea stay a little longer but they aren't doing anything here that we can't do at home.  Emma and Audrey are mostly recovered but still not 100% - I need to be home with them seeing as Aunty Carolin is out of action.

I'm the last (wo)man standing.  How long before I get hit???

Did I mention how much I really, really hate gastro??


Anonymous said...

My husband had a great idea during a family gastro crisis. Since we only owned 2 or 3 waterproof matress covers for the cot and the beds, he turned the covers inside-out so that the plastic side was up (not the soft material side). Then he covered it with towels (we owned more of them), and then lastly, the sheet.

Therefore, after each vomit the sheets and towels were washed whilst the plastic matress cover had a thorough spray and wipe down.That way the matress was still protected for the whole crisis. (If we had of washed the matress covers, they would have not air dried and made it back to the bed in time).

Lots of love from Fay.

Judy said...

Hope you are spared the bug! All the best.

Michelle said...

I wish Auntie Carolin was my auntie... she's amazing!!!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Hmmm... Ashlea had it first, right? And you've been with her the whole time...?

I reckon you might be in with a chance... All the adrenalin might be helping you ward it off.

Well, we can hope anyway...

Hope you're all well again and there's a man in the house again asap!

Susan xx