Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Duck Update

Today is the first Friday in 3 months that we haven't had to go to the hospital for bloods - so we celebrated with cake.  And a fabulous new hat!

It is now 3 months since Ashlea's transplant which must make it time for a kidney update. Ashlea's new kidney is going great guns.  This week her creatinine was a lovely 35 and all her other numbers were beautiful.  She has had a very smooth ride post-transplant so far.  We are now down to having blood tests only once a week - luxury!

Otherwise Ashlea is very well and happy and chirpy in herself.  She hasn't gone back to school since the gastro plague.  She will go back full time next term - just in time for cold and flu season - but what can you do?  Although I am taking her to school this Monday so she can be included in the class photos - we can't miss out on the kindy class photos!!

Overall she is doing fabulously well.

Happy 3 month kidney-versary Ashlea!!!


Gina said...

Awesome report Alison. Posted a Duck song for Miss A on your wall xx

Deb said...

Yay for kidneys!