Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Murray

Today is Murray's birthday.  We celebrated with cake.  My gift to him (along with Diablo 3 as requested) was to release him from any Ikea related cleaning frenzy that may have been taking place at our house.  I think he appreciated that :)

The only other activity going on around here this rainy long weekend has been related to the aforementioned Ikea tidying frenzy.  Super Neighbour Kate's husband Greg (Super Greg?  Super Neighbour Husband Greg??) very kindly put together my two expedits yesterday - after building Kate's two - that requires real patience! Thanks Greg!!!

Look how good all Ashlea's stuff looks after it has been expedit-ed:

I think now that I have the kids toys under control I am going to tackle the kitchen cupboards...


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Murray xxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Murray!

Hope you had a nice day and enjoyed the cake.

Brie Backo said...

Loads of birthday wishes... and oh my that tidy space is the stuff of dreams!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks so tidy, Alison. Great work Greg!

Happy birthday to Murray for Monday. He has the same birthday as me!

love Julie K

Ronda said...

Happy birthday Murray!
Love the expedit. Well done Greg.