Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's the little things...

This may look like an ordinary sausage sanga to you, but to me it is a luxury! 

Many of you know that I have Meniere's Disease which means I have to stick to a very strict No Salt diet in order not to end up wildly dizzy.  Sadly this no salt diet has meant no sausage sangas.

Until today. 

Today we had friends over for lunch.  Friends who happen to live near the only butcher in Sydney who makes special no added salt sausages.  In honour of the sausages I made special NAS white bread (because a sausage sanga has to be on WHITE bread) and scoured several shopping centres until I found a bottle of NAS tomato sauce. 

I was very excited and the sausage sanga did not disappoint.  Can you believe it has been nearly 15 years since I have had one of these???

So yes, sometimes it is the little things that just make your day - a simple (NAS) sausage sanga with friends. 


Alice said...

Yayyyy! That bread looks delicious too - are you willing to share the recipe?

ferfischer said...

I had no idea! NO salt? That sucks. I'm very glad yoou foound a substitute, but honestly I have never heard of this. Will have to look it up.