Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mummy Guilt

Mummy guilt #1
Small g Mummy guilt.  This is our recycling bin.

As you can see it is full.

Full of my children's school work sheets and precious artworks.

Until today I had kept pretty much every piece of paper they had ever brought home from school or preschool.  I had to do a cull - the paper was taking over.  I kept a few choice pieces - but as you can see the majority of it had to go!

Mummy Guilt #2
This one is a BIG G Mummy Guilt.  Last night I am pretty sure Emma and Audrey both had their first panic attack.  Specifically it was a fear-of-vomit related panic attack.  The reason this makes me feel guilty is that I have fear-of-vomit related panic attacks.  I thought I had tried hard not to pass my phobia on to the children but they seem to have picked it up anyway.

I really don't know what to do.  I don't know whether to take them straight to a child psychologist or wait and see if it happens again.  Obviously ignoring their anxiety is not going to make it go away, but I also don't want to exacerbate things by making it into a bigger deal than it necessarily is.  Maybe it was exaggerated by the fact that we have all just had gastro and so the memory of that is fresh in their minds??

I don't know - this parenting caper is tricky sometimes - the weight of responsibility is too much! Does anyone have experience with anxiety in children?  What have you tried?  What has worked for your child(ren)?


Julie and Jayden's Adventures said...

Re artwork. We take photos of the art before a culling, it lessens the blow and gives you a reminder.
Re anxiety we went down the path of the childhood anxiety clinic at Macquarie uni for one of ours. It seemed to make things more pronounced at the time and did little to help. Over time he has completely outgrown his anxieties and is now brimming with confidence. I'd say let it go at this point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,

Both my boys have varying degrees of anxiety. Regarding the Macquarie Unit thing, both of mine did a version of this program at their school with the school counsellor - not sure if your school has it. It helped them somewhat, mainly to see that other children were also anxious about something, not just them and it was good not going anywhere outside of their comfort zone. Don't know if just a chat with the school counsellor might help - sometimes they do little role play things which can be helpful for kids. My older child is slowly becoming less anxious as he can reason things out a bit better. It is difficult, I know. Don't feel guilty, we all pass on things to our children that we would rather not, be it behaviour or whatever - we just do the best we can and love them and know that God is watching over them.
love Julie K
P.S. re artwork, yeah I keep about 80% that comes home, then each year try to cull a little - very hard sometimes!