Friday, June 1, 2012

Plague Report

The gastro plague seems to be passing.  Emma and Audrey are back at school and Carolin is back at work.  Ashlea is still struggling a bit but I have been able to manage her at home.  I am somehow still standing (I really shouldn't say that out loud should I?  I'll let you know if that comes back to bite me).  Unfortunately we managed to take out Super Neighbour Kate with our germs :(

One of the outcomes of Ashlea being in hospital is that we have been able to determine which bug has caused the gastro - as I suspected it is a NOROVIRUS.  They are SO contagious. I have had to inform the school and also the public health office so that they can advise the school on how to deal with it.  It is one of those bugs that is very hard to control.  It's so contagious that Ashlea and I are not welcome in the Renal Treatment Centre or the Renal ward at the hospital - we have to have all our monitoring done through the Emergency Department at the moment as they can't risk the bug taking hold among the other patients on the ward!  We are pariahs!!!

On a better note now that we are on the mend Murray is allowed to come home - tomorrow hopefully - unless I get struck down at the last minute (you know its going to happen don't you???).  The doctors are very happy with the progress he has made - although I think they probably measure progress a little differently to me.  I thought the fact that Murray rang me the other day to tell me he wanted Diablo 3 for his upcoming birthday was a great sign of progress!

Hopefully I'll be able to update tomorrow with news that he is home - although I'm not getting my hopes up after what happened last week!

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Anonymous said...

It is great that your state can definatively diagnose the germ and then let you know.