Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11: Should I Convert??

I'm a tea drinker.

Every so often though I think I should at least try to like coffee - it seems such a waste to pay for water and a tea bag when I go out.  

I tried one of these coffees at Kate's the other day (I found a chink in her perfection - as a coffee drinker she makes a terrible cup of tea*) - it tasted pretty good. 

As a potential convert what would you recommend?  I'm guessing a short black is probably not the best place to start???

* Don't worry I checked with Kate before posting this - and in her defence she was trying to be healthy and use Splenda instead of sugar in the tea - but because she doesn't have sugar in hers she didn't realise how it tasted.  Until she had served it to many, many guests.  For more than a year.


Missy said...

YES....Coffee is my only saviour! Its my wake up first thing in the morning and my wake up later in the arvo.
No coffee for me makes for a very grumpy person!!
Latte, milky coffee is my favourite

gevans8 said...

mmmm....dark, strong coffee with cream and morning pleasure.

Alice said...

I love tea at home (when I make it and it's got to be Yorkshire Tea) and I drink coffee when I'm out if it'll be nice quality. Don't betray tea! Think of all it's done for you!

Danielle said...

I love both tea and coffee. But you should stick to things like lattes as a newbie because all the milk makes a milder taste. Also, dark roasts are lowe in caffiene b/c it's been roasted out (which makes it more similar to tea). Dark roasts also taste far less acidic than light roasts.

Julie and Jayden's Adventures said...

Don't do it! Headaches, bad temper, bad breath! Try a chai latte instead, the tea drinkers "coffee".

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison, funny how you get lots of comments when you are just talking about coffee!
I just wanted to say that the photos you are posting are lovely.
love Julie K

T said...

I started with Coffee Frappucinos - they're more subtle...and now I'm addicted!