Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16: Surprise WIN

Today we went to Disney On Ice courtesy of the Starlight Foundation.

We decided to be brave and ALL go - it seemed a bit mean to get free tickets because Ashlea is a Starlight Kid and then not take her.  So off we went - well prepared with 3 helpers, an industrial strength set of headphones and the ipad.  

We took bets before the show on how long we thought Ashlea would cope for.  I was closest with my bet of 20 seconds (a few seconds to realise what was happening, a few more seconds to take in a huge breath of air....and then the yell...).  So after 20 seconds Carolin took her outside to the cry room (note for the future - Allphones Arena has a cry room!).

For the second half though we tried her back in the auditorium.  She sat on my knee.  Sure enough after 20 seconds she was yelling and arching and writhing around.  But I managed to keep her in a position where I could squeeze her tightly.  

And she calmed down.


It is hard for people who don't have a child with special needs to realise just what an achievement this was for her!  I don't think she loved the experience - but she tolerated it - and it is the first time in a long time (possibly ever) we have ALL been able to do something like that as a family.

I'm calling it a WIN!


Missy said...

Totally a win!

Good on you Miss Ashlea!

love you lots xx

Alice said...

That is SUCH a win! Well done all of you - it's often so much easier not to bother isn't it? Absolutely brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I actually do. Our youngest had some anxiety stuff going on when he was little (well he still does, it just isn't as bad) and we never knew how, when or worse - why - this sort of thing would happen. It was awful and traumatic for us all. So I Get you - this is a HUGE win! I hope the other girls enjoyed it.


Mon said...

I do too! I have a three year old that doesnt have special needs but is extremely restless, wiggly and busy. I did the tight squeeze few times at a library and you wouldn't believe what a difference it made, she was forced to pay attention and actually learnt to like it! People always critisized me that its my fault she can't sit still but unless you have one like that, you can't understand how hard it is to get her do things like this. For her, it's a huge accomplishment as well. Haven't taken her to the Stars on ice yet but its on the list and would also like to take her to Nutcracker this year.