Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18: My Spot!

There is a sunny little spot in our toy room where I like to sit in winter.  I am very hopeful that now that the girls are back at school I will get to sit there and do a little reading.  So far this crisis I have read Out of the Storm (a short commentary on Job), How Long O Lord (a very meaty book on suffering) and Suffering Well (a lighter read but still on suffering).  Anyone detect a bit of a theme?  Next on my list is When God Weeps by Joni Ereckson Tada - I am looking forward to reading it because if anyone knows about suffering it is her!

Clearly you can see from this picture that we live in a glamorous house that could easily feature in one of those Home magazines...  

Can you see the finger prints on the windows???  During the holidays we went to Audrey's boyfriend's house - Audrey was clearly thrown by the state of their pristine house and banged her head as she tried to walk through a glass door (she thought it was open the poor pet - she's never seen glass so clean).

So you see - they're not really dirty finger prints - they are safety markers - on my windows.


Judy said...

this looks like a beautiful spot. and I like the safety markers, better safe than sorry !!!

Anonymous said...

Funny story about the handprints. You seem great at writing. (Do you think a market exists for safety transfers in the shape of a handprint?) Hope the reading brings comfort.
Love from Fay.