Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17: They know too much

I snapped this shot of my girls playing doctors.  I think they know too much - their conversation went as follows:

Emma: I'm going to doctor you Ashlea 
Ashlea:  I need a blood test! 
And a telescope for my chest (for some reason she always calls the stethoscope that). 
Audrey:  What else shall we do? 
Ashlea:  I need a blood pressure! 
And a ultrasound.  And the jelly (for the ultrasound). 
Emma:  What's an ultrasound???

Clearly Ashlea has far too much experience of hospitals.  The girls then proceeded to play 'kidney transplants' and pretended to remove Murray's kidney and put it into Ashlea - I think Audrey is putting the kidney into Ashlea in the photo.

Does anyone else have kids who play 'extreme doctors'??


Rachael said...

Hi all,
so great for the kids to process everything around them through play - i hope it is a good time for processing and understanding how your kids are thinking and feeling about it all ...


Big brother, Little sister. said...

I agree its processing through play, will hlep them make sense of it all! Join in with them! Pepper is constantly talking about her brain and how it gets broken if she cant do something!

ferfischer said...

Oh yes - we have g-tube surgeries and ventings and feedings and stuff all the time. I think other people's kids think we're nuts!