Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19: Gross

This delightful object is Ashlea's chew toy.  You can see by the lack of teeth marks on it that she is completely disinterested in it.  What she is interested in is chewing her clothes - particularly the top of her shirt and her sleeves.

It completely grosses me out (along with the hand licking - which is what I bought the chew toy for in the first place).  She shows no sign of letting up this habit and her speech therapist thinks it is the normal 'mouthing' stage that all children go through - she is just going through it much later than everyone else.

If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with this delightful habit please help me out!  I think I am at the point of letting her wear wrist bands and bandana bibs to chew on.  And on that note - who was it that made us some bandana bibs awhile ago?  Was it you Emily's Mum???  Can you send me the instructions so I can make some?  Or better still anyone know where I can buy them already made - we all know the chances of me actually making some are pretty close to zero :)


tesyaa said...

My neurotypical girls chewed on their shirt sleeves ... as did a couple of my boys, who are on the autism/ADHD spectrum. I remember I used to suck on my hair (It does sound gross in retrospect). The good thing is the phases passed in a reasonable amount of time and are now a distant memory. No suggestions because I don't think anything would have stopped my chewers from chewing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Emily's Wheely Big Challenge. I find your suggested blogs very inspirational and encouraging. There are heaps of caring people.
Lots of love from Fay.