Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2: Bloods

Some things continue on regardless of school holidays.

Ashlea had bloods this morning.  Her numbers were good as usual - today her creatinine was 40 (remember when it was 440+ - it doesn't seem like that was only 3 months ago!).

Last week when she had bloods she had extra tests done to check for some of the viruses that can cause nasty complications for kidney transplant patients (BK virus, CMV and EBV).  All those viruses are relatively harmless for a healthy person but are very bad for transplant patients.  So far she is still negative for all those viruses which is great.

Look how brave she is for blood tests now.  Years ago when I had to practically lay on top of her to hold her down while she screamed and thrashed around I could have never imagined blood tests being so easy.  Thank God that things have gotten better.


Missy said...

Bless that gorgeous girl of yours. SO glad that all her results are great xx

Anonymous said...

she looks so grown up in this photo.