Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21: Wish Dilemma

Today someone from the Starlight Foundation came over to discuss Ashlea's Starlight Wish.

We still can't decide what to do!  As much as Emma and Audrey would like a holiday the wish is meant to benefit Ashlea - and it is pretty safe to say a holiday to an amusement park is not going to be her favourite thing.

One thing the lady suggested that we hadn't thought of was a hydrotherapy spa.  Yes, yes I know we have an indoor spa but it is too small for us all to get in!  Besides we will have to remove it if we ever hope to have an accessible bathroom.

Ashlea LOVES being in the water and we haven't been able to take her back to swimming since the transplant as we have been too worried about infections.  There is obviously a price limit for wishes so it would either be a hydrotherapy spa (not a huge spa pool) or if we wanted something bigger (but colder) possibly an above ground pool.

Any thoughts?  What would your kids prefer - the space of an above ground pool?  Or the warm water of a spa??

Or should we just go with the swing set - at least that wouldn't require maintenance!!!

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ferfischer said...

This is a tough one. What is good for the family of a special needs kid is not always good for the kid. I think I'm going to have the same sort of dilemma. I also have thought about some sort of warm water pool (but we live in a much colder place, not sure how that would work in the winter). I think you should experiment with Ashlea - if she can tolerate the cold water of an above ground pool, then maybe that, but if not, I guess you have to go with the warm water one. Good luck!