Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25: Homework

I had forgotten what it's like to do homework with all 3 of my kids at once.

I need help!  How do you get all your kids to do their homework AND stay calm.  How do you even get them to stay at the table without jumping around??

I have a new found respect for my teacher friends - how on earth do they get a whole class of kids to do their work?  I can't even manage just three!


Deb said...

There's no way my three will work in the same place at the same time. Three different rooms (not bedrooms) and me running back and forth and setting timers to make sure everyone does the work without procrastinating and.... oh the stress!

Anonymous said...

Bribery - jelly beans, stickers, time on computer, time watching tv, play time, 30min homework equals 30min 'quality' television etc

one jelly bean per page if desperate...

Of course your always aiming for an innate love of learning with a internal desire to know more... hopefully modelled by parents and teachers who love reading, learning, discovering, questioning with a curiousity about the world and all that it has to offer... modelled though shared learning experiences with the child.

Good luck!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Love Ashleas expression! I have no idea what you should/can do other than offer three different stations but within the same room so you can support each of them. Hope some homeschoolers can help you out!
For now cooper sits at a desk and pep joins in too as she loves school work already so if i put in work now maybe when she is really at school she might be more independent! ;)

Missy said...

Tell me about it!!!

Dont even know the answer really.

Eldest-he just wants to play, so no homework, no outside play.

Girls, well they are at the stage where they are LOVING and lapping up learning so its kind of okay.

Short and sweet sessions work well.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

can you burn candles or scented oils? if so try orange lemon or lime scents supposed to help them concentrate better used to work for my boys years ago and since I started burning candles again before speech therapy for my daughter sessions have been going better as well