Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3: A Milestone?

Miss Ashlea has lost her first two teeth - I consider that a small m milestone.

A big M milestone would be something more like being deliberately naughty and then blaming someone else - now that is an achievement!

Ashlea has indeed learnt this new skill.  She BIT Jeremy from next door and when he started howling - before we even got the chance to ask him what happened she yelled out her defence: 

He touched Ashlea's teeth!

Hilarious.  I think in actual fact he probably did touch her teeth and that is how he got bitten but it was still pretty funny.  I'm fairly sure it is the first time Ashlea has been the one needing to apologise to another child - surely that counts as a developmental milestone???


Fiona said...

A MAJOR milestone.
Well done Miss A on both loosing teeth, and having to apologise to anotehr child.
All childhood rites of passage.

Missy said...

SHe makes me laugh hahahahaha!!!I seriously LOVE her sense of humour! She is so clever to find a way to blame someone else for the reason SHE has bitten them!

Two at the same time..that is big M to me!

Busy tooth fairy in your house