Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6: How to torture your child?

Practise sight words in the holidays.

Audrey is behind on her sight words (Mummy fail - we have been kind of distracted this year) so we got them out today and tried to go through them.

Just quietly it was torture for me too.


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Argghhh!!! I loathe sight words too girls!
Pepper loves them, Cooper hates them.....we always incorporate it into a game and i have been known to use a block of snack chocolate and each piece next to a word...when we recognise that word we get the chocolate!
Funny how cooper seems to be able to tell me then! ;)

Fiona said...

That is the BEST photo I have seen in ages.
Seriously - absolute brilliance.

The sight words thing sounds pretty bad though. I like the chocolate idea from Bron - hmm, maybe I need to work on some sight words...

What ab,out a set of magnetic letters so she can play around with them and make it more fun.

Or Emily's current favorite game is thinking of rude rhyming words - Mum/Bum.

Or get the sight words that correspond to stuff in the house and a stop watch. Give her the word, and then time how long it takes her to run and put it next to the appropriate object - a sight words Olympics?

Or hide words around the house and ask her to go and find a specific word?

Or maybe we should just all go and eat chocolate instead ;-)

Di said...

Super impressed at you holding a sight word clinic mid school hols :-). Love the chocolate idea. And that photo is a classic ;-).