Friday, August 17, 2012

Age of Anxiety

Yesterday Emma had her assessment for - and was accepted into - the Enhanced Exposure Therapy clinical trial at the Centre for Emotional Health.  Once she has completed the trial she will then go on to do their Cool Kids program next term.  Hopefully these programs will help her with her anxiety (which shows no signs of abating otherwise).

While we were there we also participated in another research project looking at genetics and anxiety (that's Emma doing her cheek swab there).  Now the whole family have participated in some form of international clinical trial - Ashlea and Audrey were in the Inis trial and now Emma, Murray and I have taken part in this one.

While Emma will be having actual therapy to help her with her anxiety I have an alternate plan for the management of my own stress:

Thanks to Aussie friends living in Switzerland I now have a VAST supply of the good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,

One of my kids did the 'Cool kids' program at school and I think it was helpful. Part of what helped him was just seeing that other kids had anxiety too (often for different reasons). A couple of the kids looked to me like they were very confident, quite outgoing - a bit of a surprise that they too had some form of anxiety. So it was comforting (for him and for me too) and children in the group formed a bit of a silent bond - they trusted each other. The therapy helped too (!) but I think he has forgotten what he learnt. But definitely a much better year this year. I do hope it will help your lovely Emma, and of course the clinical trial this term.

And the chocolate - well, yes, I have no doubt that this form of therapy can work wonders too!

Julie K

bioniclissa said...

I have always had anxiety from being a 4-5 year old child. While it has not been severe enough to require any help/treatment, even now I struggle sometimes. All my family just call me a natural born worrier but they do know I worry about everything even tiny things which might seem like a huge problem to me.

Fiona said...

Love you form of therapy Alison (although I am sure the programme is great too!).

Deb said...

I think to be an effective research trial, you'd have to have a control group eating chocolate. Well done on volunteering for the control group. I might join you.

what to do for stress relief said...

Very good way of therapy. Anxiety can be cured, but we must work on our self.