Saturday, August 11, 2012


We have been very blessed by our church family at Norwest.

Today all the blokes from Murray's bible study group came to our house to tidy the garden - although I think it was really just an excuse to play with power tools :)

One example of their hard work - this is down the side of our house BEFORE the clean up:

And after:

Notice you can actually get down there now!

Thank you all - Jon, Malcolm, Ian, Mick, Jason, Jonno and Craig - so much - your efforts are very much appreciated.  We feel really blessed and overwhelmed by all of your support.

An extra special thank you needs to go Super Neighbours Greg and Kate who I suspect were behind the idea in the first place and did most of the organising for today - as well as the feeding of the workers after.  Having you guys as neighbours is truly a blessing - and an answer to prayer - a prayer I hardly even knew I needed to pray!  Too soppy?  Maybe - but it's true!


Melissa said...

How lovely!
I'd like to offer my window cleaning skills. I cannot promise a streak free finish but I will do it with gusto. When would you like to book me in???

Ronda said...

Many thanks all who are able to help you out practically. Those of us who live further away really appreciate it.

ferfischer said...

Awesome! That is a great gift indeed!