Friday, August 31, 2012


Today's post is actually about Murray but seeing as he hates having his photo taken Ashlea will be his picture substitute.  You need to imagine that it is Murray sitting in his car rather than Ashlea in hers - although she is doing quite a good job of channeling him with her hand on the horn there :)

Yesterday Murray had a driving assessment to see if it was safe for him to start driving again. He passed with flying colours - even a test involving using a street directory to navigate to unfamiliar locations - a test that I would fail even without a brain injury.  The only recommendation they made (actually it may be a requirement not just a recommendation - I need to check that) is that he have a GPS installed in the car...just in case.

In other big Murray news his OT is very happy with his progress and feels he may be ready to graduate from rehab.  The next step for him is to work with the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service.  Their role is to attempt to get him ready to return to work.  He is still a long way off being ready to do his old job but the OT believes he may be able to work in a job where he has a lot of support.  I don't really know how all that fits with the job he already has but it sounds like they may help him find some sort of interim work that allows for his current strengths and weaknesses and helps him build up his skills to see if he can get back to his old job.

All this excitement and he hasn't even seen his fabo Father's Day present yet (and no - it's not a GPS).


Deb said...

Being able to drive again? That is such good, good news! How helpful that will be for all of you! Great news!!! Still praying for you - everyday.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Great news!!!! What a long road though I really hope you are taking care of you too xxx maybe a trip to Melbourne might helP? ;) love the pic of Ashlea xx

Alison said...

Thanks Deb!

Bron - I DEFINITELY think a trip to Melbourne would help!!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Love a trifecta of awesome news!

Well done Team Murray!

So glad you are seeing your hard work and dedication coming to fruition...

Also LOVE the pic of Miss Ashlea - her specs and glasses are so cute!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend,

Susan x

Gina said...

Was wondering about how Murray was going today driving home from Wollongong. So glad for him and you with this great achievement.


E. said...

Excellent news.

Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful news about the driving and potential work for Murray. You guys must feel a sense of relief and even excitement with this progress - it's always nice to have somethinbg new (and hopefully positive) to focus on. And I just noticed that it's 157 days since Ashlea's transplant. Wow!
Take care,
Julie K

Anonymous said...

Oh that's so awesome! That will give both him (and you!) more independence. Definitely a mighty step forward. Hooray!! And looking forward to hearing more about this Melbourne trip ;) xx Di