Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Update

Now that the photos are finished I thought it might be time for a family update.

Murray is still off work and going to rehab 3x per week.  He is starting to get back into playing squash and is definitely back into playing computer games (priorities right?).  He had a neuropsych assessment last month that showed vast improvement since his first assessment but still significant memory impairment and problems initiating tasks.  The neuropsychologist felt this would have a significant impact on any return to work and recommended he not even attempt to return until he has been reassessed in 6-9 months.  He also felt that it would be unlikely that he would regain his full level of cognitive functioning and unlikely be able to return to work at his previous level - although he did stress that it is still early days and there is still room for a lot more improvement.  I am using his time at home to try and retrain him in the domestic arts - folding washing, showering children, helping with homework and the like.  If nothing else it might act as good motivation to get him back to work :)

Emma is still struggling with anxiety.  She started an anxiety group at school this week and is also being assessed to do the Enhanced Exposure Therapy clinical trial at Macquarie Uni's Centre for Emotional Health.  Their programs have a great reputation so we would prioritise that over the school based group (unfortunately we can't do both as it could effect the results of the study). We have also had her on a trial gluten-free diet for the last two weeks to see if that helps with any of her tummy symptoms.  I'm not sure that it's made a difference but we'll see what happens on Sunday when she's allowed to start eating gluten again!  In spite of the anxiety Emma is still a whizz at Minecraft and Skylanders and is up to chapter 12 of her first chapter book - yes I am still bribing her.

Audrey is loving kindergarten although she is still completely clueless when it comes to learning sight words - I'm not sure if one day it's just going to click or if this is a sign of a potential learning issue (seeing as ex-prems have a >50% chance of them).  Seriously - Ashlea is better at sight words than Audrey - that is not something I ever expected to see!  At the moment she has a cold which has resulted in some ex-prem-cough-up-a-lung-asthma but otherwise she is her usual princess-loving, dancing, twirling, singing, happy self.  It is such a relief to have one 'low-maintenance' child!

Champion Ashlea is going really well at school.  Her teacher is very impressed by her ability to read sight words and told me excitedly on Wednesday about some words Ashlea had read.  Then yesterday she told me in a rather perplexed manner that Ashlea had refused point blank to read any words that day.  Ha ha.  Seems I had forgotten to warn her about Little Miss's stubborn streak!  Ashlea's kidney function is still great and she has now finally graduated to FORTNIGHTLY blood tests.  Luxury!

Hmmm.  Me.  I'm pretty stressed juggling everyone and their needs.  Most days I wake up and wonder how I am going to get through the day but somehow I manage to do it - although not always very gracefully.  One thing I am enjoying is not having the extra stress of work.  I love that I can go and watch the school Olympathon and the athletics carnival.  I even did Kindy reading groups this week which pretty effectively served to remind me that I am NOT cut out for teaching - I do not have the patience for it and the sight of all those snotty nosed little darlings made me want to come home and shower in bleach.  Otherwise I am filling my time with coffee dates (yes I tried the real thing - couldn't hack it - the caffeine nearly blew my head off) and other less enjoyable tasks like doing our tax returns and filling in large numbers of centrelink forms.


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, i honestly think of your family everyday and yes even when holidaying you popped into my head alot! I am thrilled about Ashleas sight words! ShE is amazing! As for Audrey sounds like Cooper- not interested at all, better things to do with their time! Great job for Emma reading her chapter books too and i hope her anxiousness eases xxx much love to you all i would love to have a coffee date with you one time x

Deb said...

Good reminder to keep praying for all of you! I am surprised your head hasn't exploded with all the stress you've had on your plate. Lovely to hear about Ashlea's brilliant progress. Hang in there.

Melissa said...

Hi Alison! I'm Jonas' Mum and when I saw your blog link come up via Milena I jumped on for the update. You haven't been far from my thoughts and I have been hoping to bump into you again to see how you are going. You are amazing!!! I'd love to join you for one of those coffee dates one time.

Alison said...

Melissa - I'd love to catch up - maybe contact me via Milena and we can all get together (she lives just down the road from me).

Korin and Isabella said...

Hi, I noticed you are friendly with Sarah Bull Clark and her daughter Violet thru her blog and the clinics. I have spoken often with Sarah on the computer, her blog, facebook. I havent heard from her since about May. I'm only concerned, I have emailed her and haven't heard back and noticed shes no longer on facebook. Was just hoping you would know if she and Violet are okay? I am in the United States, New York. Sorry to bother you.

Alison said...

Korin she is back on facebook - just as sarah bull.