Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Spy in the Classroom

Ashlea's vision support teacher is a bit of a tech head like me - which is great because he often takes pictures of what goes on in the classroom with the ipad and then uses them to make social stories for Ashlea.  The best bit is he then emails them to me.  It is SO CUTE to get this sneak peak into the classroom.

Here is a picture of Ashlea doing numbers:

Obviously as her vision support worker he 'gets' vision impairment and what she needs but it is very reassuring for me to see her with such a great setup (dark non-slip background, large brightly coloured numbers, sloping board for reading etc).

Here is another one of her doing phonics on the smartboard:

Thanks Mr R - we really appreciate all your hard work.  And I REALLY appreciate getting these little insights into what goes on in the classroom.


Melissa said...

Looks like you got a fantastic Vision Teacher- do your best to keep him!! We've had so many over the years- some great, some OK ... How lovely to get that sneak peak :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison, looks like Ashlea has a terrific learning environment and a/some wonderful teachers!It's great to see she is making so much progress.
loveand prayers

Alison said...

Yes - we have been very fortunate! Sue - Ashlea was just talking about you and preschool - and Stormie - the other day!

Anonymous said...

Missing you all heaps. Say hi to everyone. sue

Rachael said...


Anna said...

Thank you so much for this post. I think I need to get some vision support at school for Ryley after reading this.

ferfischer said...

This is great - love the numbers on the board, actually - great idea.