Monday, August 20, 2012

Tantrum Time

Ashlea had a tantrum today.

A Very.  Big.  Tantrum.

The kind of tantrum that went on for an hour.

It was over the ipad of course.

She was cross about something so she pulled everything off my desk onto the floor - including my camera.  I was not happy.  The only currency with her is the ipad so I thought I'd try taking it away from her as a consequence.  Problem was that it turned into just as much of a punishment for me as it was for her.  She was not at all happy with me and she let me know it!

Anyone got any tantrum-taming tips?  Or ipad-addiction strategies???

PS For those who are wondering she did eventually calm down.  After I turned the TV on. Parenting...I think we're doing it wrong...


Melissa said...

Ohhh Alison! You are doing so much right!!! I think I understand how you feel- this parenting gig is tough and add a couple of disabilities to the mix....
Hang in there and stay strong- tomorrow is a new day xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh the good old complete meltdown, gotta love them.... NOT!
I remember watching Dr Phil (don't laugh) and he was speaking about working with their "currency" so taking the iPad off her is probably a good plan. But you are right, it is actually more of a punishment for you in the end.
It has worked well in our household and trust me the length of the tantrums do get shorter!!
Good luck... You are doing a great job Alison!
Jen x

Big brother, Little sister. said...

First up you are a brilliant parent xxx
I have also noticed a slight iPad addiction in our house too ( possibly pep and i with temple run, cooper with any sort of strategy game and supercoach for andrew) and attitude is definitely affected when too much time is spent on it. The ability to engage in real life after playing takes a while....
In our house I find we need an all family no iPad /phone rule..... :) during the week for cooper he can only have his iPad after school and after homework, dinner, bath is done. So works out around 20 mins. Free reign on Saturday and no iPad on Sundays.( with spelling homework etc the exception) . I offer two choices on other activities and that's the rule no matter how much of a hissy fit he throws!
Finding a balance is hard though when initially the iPad was a therapy learning tool and still is. We have separate folders for games and ed apps. It is also difficult when mobility and motor skills are s restricted in this cold wet weather . I am happy with the balance we have found but it took a while to all agree on the rules x( we did have a family meeting to discuss)

Rachael said...

We don't have an Ipad, but we have a Wii. And in Summer, simple rule - no Wii. We really limit this stuff and then the kids value it but are not shaped by it.

Anonymous said...

Gosh impressed by the rules some people have! For me the only iPad rule is go for it as long as you want, as long as everyone's happy.... ;). But for M, the iPad (or his trains) are his main currency too. And I have seen 1 hour + meltdowns from him when I have removed it for poor behavior. It is tough, but it works. And putting on the TV after an hour is not a fail. It's recognizing that for Ashlea (I am assuming this is right, as it is for S and also M to some extent) having the ability to calm down after getting really upset is really difficult. Our psych tells us it's a common CP trait. So you've not let her win at all. An hour is more than sufficient punishment and then you've moved away from the punishment and let her calm down without giving her back what the tantrum was demanding. I think you dealt with it superbly, and the next time you say to her "don't do that or I will take your iPad", she will think twice because she knows you really will! X Di