Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Update

A little Friday afternoon update...

Murray is almost ready to finish his rehab program.  Unfortunately there are no places available for him with the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service at present so he may go back to school for awhile.  There is a basic computer course at TAFE that he is well and truly over qualified for but may attend as preparation for returning to work.

Emma started the Enhanced Exposure Therapy trial for her anxiety this week.  Without realising what it would entail she picked 'fear of vomit' as her biggest phobia and now has to work through a hierarchy of exposure related tasks.  She is not looking forward to going back as she knows that next on the list is looking at pictures of vomit.  And yes I do have to stay in the room with her during the session.  And yes I do share the vomit phobia so it is going to be fun for both of us.

Ashlea is an absolute delight.  She is having a ball at school, her kidney function is great, she is happy and cheeky and putting her Ashlea spin on everything as usual.  For example - the Ashlea spin on Sunday school - can you work out what she is talking about here:

Me:   What was the story about in Sunday School Ashlea?

Ashlea:  It was about the pigs.  He want to eat their food.    

Audrey is being her lovely low-maintenance self.  She was very proud of this piece of work she brought home from school yesterday.  The teacher says its not time to worry about her progress. Yet.  But those hobos and their rambopants have me a little worried...

I have had a very up and down week which has included the following:
  • arguing with nurses about supplies (down - I lost that round),
  • scoring free tickets to Bandaged Bear's Big Day Out (up)
  • wondering how we're going to afford to pay the bills and buy food (down)
  • having to deal with Centrelink (way down)
  • but then receiving 4 roast dinners, a bag of fruit and veg and having my Carers Payment approved (up again)
  • and then realising that as Carer Payment recipients we can get the van registered for free thus saving us nearly $500 (bonus up)

How was your week?  Did the ups or the downs win??


Melissa said...

Audrey's writing is fabulous!!! I think I would have deciphered it without the teacher script too. I'm afraid I can't decipher the story about the pigs though. If only a fear of cupcakes was considered first ;)
I swear there was a full moon this week but it seems things are looking up :)))

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I hope both of you cope with vomit pics! Yuck! Glad you were not sharing a bus trip with us in chiang mai! ;) or the flight for that matter!
I love Audreys work and it looks like she is enjoying it and trying hard and it will all click soon enough :) i always think that if she is attempting the letter sounds together then its a huge step forward , we have so many silly exceptions to the rules in the english language!

My ups for this week included flatty tails for dinner, cooper getting 100% on his spelling test, having a total of 13 mins to myself!
Downs Andrew being on call for work in the wind and not seeing the kids for three days..

I need to come to Sydney for a coffee with you assp!

ferfischer said...

Oh my weeks are a bit of both too. Sorry about "vomit class" and I love love live audreys story!!!

Gina said...

I LOVE rambopants! Good luck in Vomit 101.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the ups and sorry about the downs. The carers payment is a great one though. Should relieve some pressure I hope x Audrey's writing is great as is Ashlea being her cheeky self. We have anxiety issues in this house. The program sounds great.
Biggest up for me is the same as the down - returning from hols always fills me with mixed emotions.
Enjoy your weekend, Di x