Wednesday, September 19, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Ashlea-ism

Poor Baby Duck has suffered a new indignity this week: the asthma puffer.  She is not a fan.

Her description of her asthma wheezing was pretty cute though:

I like a cat!

(think purring rather than meowing).

She is pretty accurate with her descriptions.

The last time she had a little vomit she had no other way of describing it than saying:

I dropped some carrots...

I have no idea how she came up with that description but it is so apt that we have adopted it into our household vernacular.

Have your kids said anything so cute you started saying it too?

* Thanks to photographer Audrey for taking the pic.

**  For those who have Foxtel and haven't seen our original story RPA reruns will be on again starting tonight - Biography Channel (117) at 7pm  - for 4 nights (the twins birth happens in the 3rd episode).

Aussie Wordless Wednesday


Ames said...

Oh poor girl, asthma isn't fun at all.
I love her descriptions though, so funny!

Prue said...

Poor darling :( It's amazing how kids interpret things. I just love the carrot description. My son calls helicopters - chipper choppers. It's stuck with the whole family now.
Prue x

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Ashlea is so cute , love her descriptions too.

I hope we get that channel.

Cathy said...

Love the descriptions but dislike that Ashlea had to go through an asthma attack :(

Tamara said...

Oh dear asthma is a scary illness to have. My son looks to be outgrowning it but who knows.

Missy said...

Oh not asthma :(

hahhahahha...I dropped some carrots, that is soooo funny because you know that is so true. No matter how long its been since you ate carrots they always seem to appear.

Hugs...great photo Audrey!

Di said...

Bugger to the asthma :( hope it stays mild. But I love love love the Ashlea-isms! They are perfect.

Grace said...

Poor love. We have a similar scenario with our little boy and his asthma. Her description is just cute.

Yvette Bowyer said...

:( poor lil possum.. sending our love xx

Tat said...

Oh, that's totally cute (I mean her descriptions, not the asthma). she'll be great at finding non-offensive way to deliver bad messages!