Saturday, October 6, 2012

Best Holidays EVER!

This week we have had the lovely Jen and her daughter visiting from Perth for some school holiday fun.  We've hung out together, been to the beach, the zoo, the aquarium and hopefully tomorrow we'll get to Luna Park (Ashlea has a carousel addiction since we introduced her to it a couple of weeks ago).

We're having a great time - it doesn't matter that this is only the second time Jen and I have met 'in real life' - it's like we've been friends forever.  It may sound crazy to spend your holidays with someone you met on the internet - but since having Ashlea I have found so much support online from other mums of amazing children - there is no way I could have travelled this journey without them.  Many of us have 'known' each other since our children were very young and have watched our children overcome great obstacles and achieve things never expected of them.  They are the ones who 'get it' and I couldn't do this without their support.  It is such a delight when I get to meet them 'in real life'.

So thanks for coming all the way to visit us Jen - we're loving hanging out with you.

And you Melbournites better watch out - I think I might just need to make a bloggy travel trip to visit you all.  You overseas bloggers may have to wait awhile - I can't afford to travel that far - and there is also the little issue of my fear of flying to be dealt with first....but one day I'd love to meet you ALL face to face!


Anna said...

If you come to Melbourne, I would LOVE to meet up with you! So glad you have had such a wonderful lot of holidays xo

ferfischer said...

love this! also love your new header!

Alison said...

Anna - you are definitely on my list!

And Jenny - you are FIRST on my US list of people to visit!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Thrilled you are both having such sunshine and great times :) you have a big melbourne/vic following so it would be a big event! Anna we better get planning! ;)

The Trousdell Five said...

So glad you've enjoyed your holidays! And I think it's awesome that you spent them with Jen. We traveled across N.America on our summer holidays to meet an online mom friend too :)

Marie said...

What fun! The internet is a wondeful place to meet people and share support.