Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 12

Today I am thankful for:

- a friend walking a surprisingly similar path to my own to pray with;

- the fun of school assembly - Audrey's class performed today - it was very cute.  I can't believe that my babies are nearly ready for year 1 and that was my last kindy assembly;

- casting for new AFOs completed with minimal fuss (not completely fuss free as that's not Ashlea's style);

- hot chips for lunch;

- while reading the junk mail (anyone else like reading catalogues?);

- an improvement in the cricket score today;

- an unexpected meal delivered just in time for dinner;

- that the little fuss pots actually ate said dinner;

- a new computer game (that one was from Murray - not me);

- Ashlea's cleverness.  Here she is walking up and down our ramp.  I never thought this would be possible but her previous physio used to practise with her all the time - so we made this video for her to show her she was right:

I've also shown this to her current phsysio as I am worried about the turn in her left foot.  CP Mums - do you know if botox can help with that or are we looking at surgery??

What are you thankful for?


Anna said...

I must admit to reading the catalogues too. I got about 20 delivered today (can't half tell christmas is coming) and as I sat there reading them, I thought to myself 'I wonder if anyone else does this'. Glad it isn't just me!

Heda said...

Goodness. Go Ashlea.
1. The first one is easy tonight...that Ashlea can race up and down ramps and in and out of doorways with a big smile on her face.
2. That a Benedictine Father came all the way from the USA to teach us how to look after a glorious, oversized, hand-printed, illuminated bible.
3. That I got home before it was dark thanks to daylight savings.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Great use of the ramp! Pep and coop circle and cut out from the catalogues, love them! What was for dinner?

Alison said...

Anna - glad I'm not the only one!

Heda - wow - which campus has that bible??

Bron - it was a casserole - which is why I'm surprised the kids ate it (they are terribly fussy).

Heda said...

The bible is in seven volumes. The plan is one for each campus and one for the VC. At first I thought jolly big waste of money but turns out these bibles are working their own miracles all over the world.

Ronda said...

Sorry for the very late response.
K's foot did a similar turn in when she was in Kindy. We tried physio, botox, a night brace, electrical stimulation and serial casting, all of which have the potential to rectify the problem but none did. She ended up in surgery but it took a couple of years to get there.