Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 14 - the Aunty Carolin edition

I am devoting today's thankful post to my sister Carolin who helps us in so many ways.  Thank you Aunty Carolin for:

- baby sitting - particularly during emergencies but also so we can go out and do fun things occasionally;

- paying our bills (I kid you not - seeing as Murray is not working at the moment and we can't afford to live she is propping us up big time);

- manning the buckets for Emma and Audrey during the last gastro plague while I was at the hospital with Ashlea and Murray was still in rehab;

- introducing the girls to the Chocolate Cafe (Max Brenner);

- and Abba Singstar;

- being my shopping and photography companion;

- letting me raid her stash of Pepsi Max when mine runs out;

- never complaining about the little voice at the bottom of the stairs  calling out "Aunty Calolin - what doing?"

- and all the many things that come with living upstairs from us - ranging from front yard explosions to back yards full of bat poo - and everything else in between.


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Carolin, you are amazing! You are all so lucky to have eachother. Love the pic of Carolin and Emma xxx

ritaazar2 said...

This is such a lovely post for your sister. What a beautiful person she is!

Anna said...

Carolin is wonderful. I am so glad you have such fantastic support.

T said...

Awh - What beautiful pictures, they are oozing with love :)

Hev Kroll said...

How wonderful to read of your fortitude in your blog. Hello to Carolin, what a super sister! Does she still play piano beautifully?

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have a super-sister. Does she still play piano beautifully?
Love the blog... thankfulness is a gift. said...

They're very lucky to have someone showing them the important things - eg Max Brenner!!

ferfischer said...

Yay for aunty carolin! I feel the same way about my sister - irreplaceable!

Annaleis Topham said...

It's nice to have someone who can really help.

Eiluv2Write said...

Your sister sounds like an awesome person! and it made me think of my own sisters as well. : )

Missy said...

Wish Carolin was my sister!!

Yes she is certainly something to be thankful for.

Hip hip hooray for Carolin

Heda said...

Siblings are precious especially the ones like Caroline.
Mine for yesterday are:
1. A hotel room on the 14th floor looking across North Melbourne.
2. Almost unlimited opportunities for people watching from the windows.
3. A realisation that even though I whinge about the constant travelling I'm sure I'll miss it when I retire in two years time so I jolly well better appreciate it while I have the chance.