Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 19 - World Toilet Day

I wonder how many of you know that today is World Toilet Day?

Let us all give thanks for the blessing that is sanitation and running water!!!

Today I am thankful for:

- not one, but two working toilets in our house (although ours are in separate rooms thankfully - not like the ones pictured);

- plumbing;

- clean, running water;

- toilet paper;

- hot showers;

- soap and hand sanitizer;

- disposable nappies and wipes;

- disinfectant and bleach!

In other news I am thankful that:

- Ashlea and I were in and out of the ED in under 3 hours last night;

- they got a clean catch of wee (a rare and prized specimen);

- that she doesn't appear to have a UTI - or if she does it is very mild.

Now, back to the toilets.

Did you know that for just $25 you can give someone the gift of clean drinking water?  Or for $70 you can give someone a toilet?  As someone who loves all things sanitary I have taken great delight in giving the gift of a toilet!



Anna said...

I had no idea it was world toilet day! Glad you were in and out of ED in 3 hours and that Ashlea is ok!

Caroline said...

I'm thankful for toilets and hot running water too!

Having lived for 6 months in a house where the only hot running water was in the bathroom I'm particularly thankful for the hot water that comes out of my taps.

And I'm thankful for your 30 days of thankfulness - it's been a blessing to me to read it every day.

Heda said...

1. A safe trip up the mountains.
2. A niece who is prepared to share some of the load of looking my mum while on holidays. Mum is 91 years old, legally blind and has just had a carpal tunnel op done on both wrists.
3. A mother with the best attitude in the world - tough as old boots and determined to enjoy every moment regardless.