Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 22

Today I am thankful for:

- coffee with a mum who gets it;

- a quick catch up with someone I haven't seen for ages - the poor guy hadn't heard any of our news so was left a bit shell shocked I think;

- Ashlea's vision support teacher who regularly emails me snippets from the classroom.  This is what Ashlea made on the computer at school today:

- the arrival of the Perfect Pet.  We got offered this gorgeous pet rabbit.  What makes him the Perfect Pet for us is that he is going to live next door with the neighbours - we will get to play with him and they will get to clean his poop;

- the fact that I managed to convince my kids that it was actually a good thing that the bunny was going to live next door thus avoiding me having to say no way are we getting a rabbit;

- Super Neighbours Kate & Greg - need I say more;

- no added salt nachos for dinner;

- another catch up with someone else I haven't seen for ages;

- the anticipation of a quiet day planned for tomorrow (I probably shouldn't say that out loud should I?).


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Beautiful rabbit xx love the pic of Ashlea xx

Anna said...

Oh how cute is that rabbit. Hope tomorrow is a relaxing day for you!!

Melissa said...

Oh Kate and Greg could you please move next door to us!!! They are such gorgeous neighbours and we have a vacancy next door...nahhhh we wouldn't pinch them Alison....but we would like someone similar please.

Heda said...

Both bunny and butterfly are cute.
Today's thankfuls are:
1. The end of day 4 of 5 days in the Blue Mountains with various family members and peace and fun still rules.
2. Good beer - a holiday treat because good beer is not gluten free.
3. Mum is still able to function and enjoy holidays in a Mr Magoo sort of way.

Missy said...


They rock!

Sandra said...

I'm thankful you are reminding me every day to be thankful. It's very encouraging reading your posts and a helpful reminder.

The Trousdell Five said...

"Ashlea is a butterfly. She is happy". What is better than that?!!